IKA3690600 Agitatore IKA RT 5 (5 posti)con riscaldamento

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Agitatore IKA RT 5 (5 posti)con riscaldamento

5-position digital magnetic hotplate stirrer, designed for synchronous heating and stirring. The magnetic
coil technology provides noiseless and consistent stirring on all positions. The surface temperature is infinitely adjustable up to 120 °C, producing a maximum medium temperature of 70 °C (depending on the used vessel). Speed remains constant, even when load changes.
Homogeneous temperature distribution across the heating plate
Adjustable reverse operation
Eco-mode for a low self-warming of the surface
Wear free magnetic coils
Error code display
Easy operation with touch keypad
Suitable for continuous operation
Speed range: 0 – 1000 rpm

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